Everyone always says that love was enough. It wasn’t. Not when your soul has been shattered.
Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far (via quoted-books)

Hearts don’t realize they’ve been lied to. They still love anyway.
Abbi Glines, Just for Now (via quotes-shape-us)

I know being with me is not easy. But I want you to understand no one has me, or has ever had me, except you.
Breathe (Abbi Glines)

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Blaire & Chuck  ❤️❤️

Blaire & Chuck ❤️❤️

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The five W of life

The five W of life

Max dressed as a cop, wet and wearing suits, Tom with guitar, Nathan with piano, Jay with a puppy, Siva’s arms…

sebastian stan for new york moves magazine [x]

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