Jay is the prankster of the group. Very dry, very quick-witted and pretty shy with the ladies. He’s a proper geek; he says really inappropriate things…” (x)

Happy 24th Birthday Jay McGuiness

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#24HoursOfJay: Jay being fucking cute in I found you LA. video.| [1/?]


Smack my bitch up - #Miva edition

#WantedWednesday Throwbacks

→ 1st Wembley Performance (x)



It’s finally here, the day you and Nathan and longly awaited.Everything had turned out perfect, you were going to get married to the man of your dreams and you couldn’t have been any happier. Your dress was perfect and Nathan’s suit fitted nicely, everyone that you both loved were their. It wasn’t a big wedding just for the closet friends and family but either way it was perfect and you couldn’t have been happier with the turn out

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